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Mike Stanton’s creative power has no limits

After another in an indoor batting cage. He asked the coach tossing pitches to move over slightly – in the direction of the door.

“He wanted the light in his eyes,” said John Mallee, the Florida Marlins’ batting coach and co-architect of Stanton’s potent stroke.

Giancarlo Cruz-Michael Stanton, his name crammed with nods to his mixed Irish, Puerto Rican and African American heritage, seeks the path of greatest resistance as a point of pride. He is suspicious of glamour and happiest working up a sweat. He’s the longshoreman carrying the most cargo, the roofer laying the most tiles, the carpenter pounding the most nails. He invents hitting drills for himself to ratchet up the degree of difficulty.

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Hard-working Hanley primed for huge season

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — Each morning for Hanley Ramirez starts off with a couple of hours of hitting in the cages.The Marlins’ three-time All-Star is a regular in the cages with hitting coach John Mallee, whom he greatly respects.

“Every day we’re working out, spending like two hours in the cage,” Ramirez said. “I love it.”

Determined to become more of the hitter he was in 2009 than ’10, Ramirez is starting to get his timing back. It’s been reflected in his performance, especially with his triple off Detroit’s Justin Verlander on Thursday night.

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